How to Hire in Cyber Security

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This time our founder is joined by Sahiqa Bennett!

Sahiqa Bennett is a Tech Entrepreneur who has
lived and worked in Dubai, London & New York.

With a successful background in building digital and AI startups from ideation stage to launch within recruitment.

Currently CEO of Instatalent.AI which is a recruitment solution focused on the future and creating a better experience for all. The recruitment process has been broken for decades and she is hoping to improve it by creating a seamless process.

She wants to ensure the candidate experience is improved and Instatalent.AI are proactive about changing the status quo. An agency which is helping Employers address diversity and inclusion by ensuring people from all backgrounds are considered and represented fairly.  

Sahiqa is also launching InstAcademy which will equip people globally with the soft skills and upskill them for AI, tech, Digital and design. She is partnering with Employers who are building the future and creating a robust talent pipeline. Recruitment needs to be more of a strategic, not reactive, process. So getting people ready for jobs of the future (and now) is of huge importance. Wants to create a more inclusive society and having a good job, is an important part of that. 
Also an Advisor for various tech companies and has been invited to speak at Harvard and the UN. Sahiqa has won several awards and received recognition from World Economic Forum for “Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. When AI is applied in the right way, it has an exceptional impact on humanity. In recruitment this can help HR teams hire more efficiently, in health it can help with early detection and preventative care…the list goes on. 

A recent quote from her.

“Humanizing AI is about building solutions which solve big global problems. Giving people the tools, so they can arrive at a result faster. It’s not about replacing people, it’s much more than that. 

Huge transformations have happened sooner because of the COVID pandemic. Remote health and virtual ways of doing business is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. AI is our friend, not our enemy. “

Excited for this one folks!

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