How to Grow with SEO: Ethan Smith of Graphite

Join guest speaker Ethan Smith, CEO of Graphite, for a webinar on How to Grow with SEO.

Ethan pulls back the curtain on how he builds and executes an SEO strategy.

In Ethan’s words, “SEO is magical”.

Here are our biggest takeaways from Ethan’s talk:
• Topics are the new keywords. Identify the topic then corral the keywords that map to the topic. The total search volume of the keywords that map to the topic is your total traffic opportunity.
• Match the page type on the SERP along with the elements on the page (e.g., tables, product reviews, videos, maps).
• SEM traffic is an authority signal and passes topical authority to your site which can boost your organic rankings.
• Start with conversion content where your topical authority is the highest then move up the funnel and span out.
• Build intent over time with SEO.

Links to additional resources:

0:00 Intro
1:49 SEO Is A Huge Opportunity
11:00 How To Build An SEO Strategy
27:03 How To Build A Content Strategy
44:19 Conversion
50:21 Measurement
53:26 Q&A

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About Ethan Smith and Graphite:
Ethan Smith is the CEO of Graphite, a premium growth agency.

Graphite focuses on SEO and content strategy, that builds scalable growth engines for companies like MasterClass, Robinhood, and Netflix.

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