How to Go Viral on TikTok with ‘@DreaKnowsBest’

Let’s be honest…most of us initially dismissed TikTok as just some random social media platform for dancing videos and weird recipes. Can you relate?

Little did we know it would become one of the most collaborative, creative, culture-based apps out there and make short-form video an absolute must for anyone trying to grow their business through social media.

But we get it – creating your first TikTok or Instagram Reel can feel super intimidating. And that’s why we invited Drea Okeke to the BossBabe podcast to share her secrets for going viral on social media.

Drea Okeke went from a full-time engineer to a TikTok celebrity, with 5.4 million followers glued to her smart, culture-based content. In this week’s episode, she’s guiding YOU on how to celebrate and showcase your quirks, collaborate with your audience – and brands – and hack the algorithm to go from 0 followers to millions.

If 2022 is the year you’re committing to show up on social media in a whole new way – this episode is for you. Listen now!

Behind the scenes of Drea’s first viral video
How to hack the TikTok’s algorithm, use hashtags + uncover new trends
The secret “stop the scroll” formula that’s guaranteed to increase your engagement
What it’s really like to collaborate with Mariah Carey + Tracee Ellis Ross
What you can do right now to collaborate with and support content creators
How to create a schedule as a full time creator

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