How to get Recruitment Right - Recruiting, Search and HR Support Ep 55 with Dean Courtenay

We talk to Dean Courtenay about Human resources, recruitment and human capital. Dean runs Quadrant People Resources where he specialises in recruiting, search and HR support.
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Dean discusses Quadrant People Resources and the various services they offer. Dean gives us his view on recruitment during lockdown and where he sees it going in the future. What has been the impact of international isolation on recruitment and the impact it has had on getting talent.

Dean delves into the common mistakes organisations make when recruiting? How this can be improved and what to look out for. Dean shares the risks in getting it wrong and how much it can cost the organisation?

Dean shares what is a good recruitment game plan consist of and how to maximise the biggest return?
0:00 Introduction
2:01 Quadrant People Resources
2:39 Current state of play in hiring
5:27 Impact of borders being closed on hiring
8:27 Reliance on technicians from overseas
10:38 Common mistakes organisations make
13:13 Importance of cultural fit
14:44 Risks of getting recruitment wrong
17:34 Good recruitment plan
25:25 Types of recruiters
29:05 Summary

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