How to Get Organized for the Job Search

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Looking for your next role can feel like a full-time job, but it is easier when you have a plan. In this virtual workshop, Emilie Aries, Founder of Bossed Up, offers thought exercises to help you clarify your direction, stay motivated and organize your search to land the job.

We cover:
- Clarify your career trajectory
- Organize and leverage your network
- Design a job search routine to sustain motivation

Here are the links posted "in the chat" during this webinar for further learning:
- Your Guide to Understanding Career Assessments:
- How to Write a Networking Follow Up Email:
- Cover Letter Samples and Templates:
- Resume Examples and Sample Resumes for 2020:
- How to Develop a Strategic Plan for Your Job Search:
- Ways to Maintain High Morale During Your Job Search:

0:00 Introduction
4:20 Clarify your direction
5:53 Love. Loathe. Learn.
8:23 Macro vs. Micro
9:20 Beware the pendulum swing
12:20 Explore Careers
12:35 Skill assessments can help
14:00 Embrace your curiosity
14:42 Who are your career crushes?
15:30 Mind the gap
16:29 Organize your network
17:05 Track your network
19:00 Write an outreach email
24:38 Scheduling tools
25:27 Make the most of 1:1 meetings
30:20 Get your assets together
30:30 Polish your job search assets
34:10 Browse resume and cover letter samples
34:20 Create a job search schedule
34:40 Consider your weekly workflow
37:50 Focus on a goal you can control
38:43 The sensation of progress is inherently motivating
40:23 Keep track of jobs and applications
40:39 Bookend your day with a strong routine
42:33 Sustain your motivation
45:09 Have confidence in your ability to figure it out
45:36 Bossed Up Job Search Guide
46:14 Q&A
46:24 Q&A: How do you network during COVID-19? Any tips or resources on how to make connections and create networks?
48:54 Q&A: What should you do when you are following up, but not receiving any responses?
52:14 Q&A: After being in the same career for a decade, what do you suggest for attempting a career change? How do you proceed when your resume doesn’t match the new role you want?
58:40 More information

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