How to get items data from other lists and displaying them using List Grid View Control

This video will show you how to add and configure List Grid view control in SPARK Forms Builder for SharePoint. This new control can be configured to consume data from any list within the local site collection or on other site collections in the web application, the user will be able to search for any data in the source list and will allow him to make selections based on items from other lists in the SharePoint farm without the need to write any code or script. The List Grid View control displays the values of a list in a table. The List Grid View control returns the list items and their column values based on the names of the selected fields in the control’s Settings. You can also consume all the selected items’ column values returned from the search dialog using rules; also you can include a dynamic CAML query to refine the returned data based on the query. The user will be able to group the Grid View rows by simply dragging the "group by column" and dropping it in the group area on the fly.

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00:00 Chapter 01: Introduction
01:12 Chapter 02: Using List Grid View and configuring it
01:38 Chapter 03: Consume data from any list in the site collection
01:55 Chapter 04: Search for any data in the source list and select it
04:23 Chapter 05: Retrieve the data dynamically from any list in the site collection
05:03 Chapter 06: Use the dynamic CAML query to filter the data
06:32 Chapter 07: Sorting the Data in the List Grid view
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