How To Get H1B Visa In 0th Attempt! No One Is Talking about this

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00:00 Intro
01:15 Podcast Start
02:21 Bhavya's Introduction
03:34 Education in USA - MS in Analytics
04:58 H1B Visa While Studying
06:59 - Bhavya's CPT Full time job
08:40 - Marketing Analytics STEM Course
09:22 - Bhavya's Profile - GRE/GMAT/ILETS
11:07 - Bharuch University in NewYork
13:50 - Transition from Mass Media to Analytics
15:56 - F1 Visa Interview Experience
17:20 - How To Get Marketing Internship
19:07 - Why Networking is Important
22:00 - Interview Process for Marketing Analytics
25:09 - How did H1b Visa Sponsorship Conversation Happen?
27:19 - Tip From Bhavya

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