How to get a NEW JOB in 2022 - *6 Tips*

Are you interested in getting a new job this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got 6 tips for you to help get you started with the job search process.

It can be SUPER overwhelming when you consider looking for a new job. Where do you begin? How do you prioritize? Are there things you should or should not do?? In this video I share with you my 6 most important tips to getting started with the job search process.

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How to Write a MASTER Resume:
How to Write a TAILORED Resume:
How to Answer Almost ANY Interview Question!:
Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview:
How to Stay Motivated, Positive, and Resilient During the Job Search Process:
Rejected: How to Stay Positive During Your Job Search:
Interview Tips Playlist:

Items to help you have a successful video interview:
Ring light (large):
Ring light (small):
Laptop stand:
Phone tripod/stand:
Blue Yeti external mic:
Wireless Earbuds:

Items to help you have a successful in-person interview:
Resume paper:
Portable charger:

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