How to Generate More 5-Star Reviews

Presenter: Javier Lozano, Jr. | Anchor Wave Internet Solutions

Google has made it very clear in recent updates that positive online reviews for your business is becoming more important than ever before. From an increase in SEO to helping your business generate more leads and increasing your bottom line.... Reviews matter. But, how do you increase your 5-star reviews while not attracting negative reviews? And how do you get your happy customers to review your business more often? During this lunchbox session we will reveal 3 unknown secrets
about business reviews.

3 Secrets we'll be unveiling during our lunchbox session:

Secret #1 - Recent Google Updates Reveal How Business Reviews Increase Your SEO & Lead Generating Activity
Secret #2 - The #1 Way To Make Negative Reviews Work In Your Favor
Secret #3 - The 3 Major Reasons Why Your Customers Won’t Review Your Business
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