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Job postings on LinkedIn are heavily accessible as one can sit back at their comfort and scout for the best suited job. The following guide on finding a job on LinkedIn will cover various tips and tricks to ensure you land your dream job. Join our FREE Masterclass now:

Why is LinkedIn important?
LinkedIn, as most people are aware of, is akin to a social networking site like Facebook to be precise. But LinkedIn is mostly being used for professional purposes. It's a platform which one can utilise to showcase their skills, expertise, education, experience, etc. LinkedIn profiles will help you network, keep you updated with job postings, appear you in a recruiter's search, help you build you as a personal brand, provide limited yet corrected information, offer a great way to keep professional connections and much more.

Stream the video till the end to learn more about the necessary amends you make in your linkedIn profile, what steps you need to take to present your profile better, how to forge relationships on linkedIn, how you can use it as a search engine and much more. Stay tuned.

The following topics are covered in this "How to find your dream job on Linkedin' video:

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Summary of what the video covers
2:09 How to keep your profile updated?
3:37 How to narrate your work experiences?
4:46 Importance of mentioning featured work.
5:41 How to network with professionals online?
7:00 Importance of emailing recruiters as well.
7:56 Why you should check linkedin everyday?
9:19 How Linkedin can be a search engine?

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