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Hello, users, this video is How to Find PDS ID || Personal Data Sheet || Teacher PDS ID || Employee PDS ID || Biplob I Tech Bangla tutorial. This videos, I have discussed how to search a teacher PDS ID in emis website as a teacher and how to get Personal data sheet ID Number from online. In this video, I also discussed how to create PDS ID Number in emis website and how to search PDS ID Number on emis.gov.bd. This video, I have shown, how to find personal data sheet Identification number in emis server and how to show PDS ID Number on online. Another topic of this video how to create PDS ID on emis website as a Assistant teacher and how to update PDS information on emis. First open the browser and go to www.emis.gov.bd then click category then select other information.
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This video, I have shown step by step how to find PDS ID as a assistant teacher.
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