How to Find and Train a ROCKSTAR Virtual Assistant

When I was starting my business and growing my channel, I quickly felt overwhelmed with how much work there was to do: email, shooting, editing, publishing, social engagement, creating products, writing sales pages, and more.

I was reluctant to hire a virtual assistant because of the money and the time it would cost. But after I did it, I wished I had done it sooner. I made some initial mistakes at first, but was then able to start working on my business again instead of being stuck working in the business.

Today we talk about some of my mistakes and how I find and train people today for my team in a way that enables us to move forward and take new ground as a business. And we'll do that by talking with my most recent hire, Katlyn, who is now my executive assistant.


0:00:00 - Intro
0:03:10 - Creator Spotlight
0:10:11 - Are you ready to hire?
0:12:38 - How to Budget
0:14:50 - Interview with my VA
0:15:53 - Pod Squad is Born
0:16:36 - Finding Help
0:19:10 - Interview Process
0:24:51 - Training
0:30:04 - Personality Tests
0:35:45 - Mistakes
0:42:11 - VA Tasks
0:46:15 - Advice on Hiring a VA
0:48:10 - Book Recommendations
0:50:50 - Tools/Apps
0:54:11 - Send us your questions!
0:54:51 - Power Tip

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