How to find a developer job and programming job search

How to find a developer job and programming job search. Adam Culp of Beachcasts will share how to find a programming job, whether you are experienced or brand new to programming. My son and I were both looking for jobs at the same time. He was newly graduated from college and had no additional experience, while I have 20 years of experience. This allowed me to make some interesting observations into what worked for both levels of programmers hunting for a new job. While some things are different, there are also some surprising similarities.

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Key Topics:
- How to find a job as a beginning programmer
- Finding a new developer job for experienced programmers
- Where to look for a new programming job
- How long does it take to find a software engineering job
- The STAR method -

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00:00 Video Beginning
00:48 Time length to find developer jobs
01:12 Handling rejections when job hunting
02:04 How many job applications to post
02:28 How to prepare your resume or CV
04:05 Recruiting websites to update
04:38 Who to inform about your job search
05:12 What social profiles to update
06:30 Importance of technology stack
07:06 What jobs to apply to
08:24 Job journal creation
10:25 Other places to job search
11:05 Dealing with recruiters
12:32 Talking with HR staff
13:27 Interview preparation
16:19 How to Interview the company
18:10 What are Elevator Pitches
18:47 Obtaining interviewer contact information
19:13 The most important job finding item

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