How to Evaluate a Certification Credential

Savvy healthcare providers understand how a respected credential brings credibility to them as professionals. That’s why they use them after their names to identify themselves. Since Allied Health professionals have a direct impact on patient care, what are the criteria for judging the QUALITY of a certification? What is the difference among certifications for the same job role? Come learn about the differences in certifications and how quality should play a role in your certification selection process. We will answer the above questions and more in this 30-minute webinar.

Key points can be found at the following times throughout this video:
• 4:40 - Competencies in the real world
• 5:30 - Purpose of a professional certification
• 8:38 - Licensed vs Certified vs Registered
• 11:10 – Best practices in psychometrics and credentialing
• 18:50 - Maintaining value for the professional and the workplace
• 21:55- Ethics
• 22:25 - Verify Credentials

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