How to embed goals (OKRs & KPIs) in performance reviews

While goals like OKRs and KPIs serve a different purpose than employee performance management, there's no doubt that your people are your most powerful resource. They drive execution by working directly on those goals. In turn, those goals can then provide great insights into an employee's performance.

Embedding goals in performance reviews isn't so straightforward. Here's how to get it right with Perdoo.

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What's the difference between OKRs & KPIs?

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About Perdoo
Perdoo is a goal management platform that helps organizations bridge the strategy-execution gap by bringing their strategy, people and goals (namely OKRs & KPIs) onto a single platform. By doing so Perdoo doesn’t only help organizations achieve results that truly matter to them, it also helps improve transparency, alignment and overall focus. To learn more about us, head over to

What's included:
0:00 - The purpose of OKRs & KPIs
0:48 - Avoid combining goals and employee performance management
1:23 - What is a performance review?
2:01 - Embedding goals in performance reviews
2:39 - 1. Evaluate execution
4:28 - 2. Use outcomes to design individual plans
5:46: 3. Focus on goal-related behaviors
6:38 - Conclusion
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