How to Develop as a THOUGHT LEADER? | Dr. Abraham Khoureis | TBCY

S3 E337 Dr. Abraham Khoureis, Creator and Host, Leadership and Politics with Dr. Abraham

00:00 - Introduction
00:38 – About Dr. Abraham Khoureis
01:06 – Tell me about this venture.
02:06– What was your motivation to start a show on leadership and politics?
02:45 – What goes into becoming a thought leader?
05:34 – In such a crowded world of podcasts, how does one get heard?
07:21 – How does one ensure that listeners keep coming back for more?
09:03 – What should a podcast listener be looking for to be able to cut out what is important for her/him?
10:31– Tell me about the virtual global thought leader symposium. How does it work?
12:01 – Who would your audience be for this symposium?
12:46 – Tell me about the work you do as a disability rights activist. What are some challenges you have faced?
16:09 – Tell me about your books.

A thought leader is a person with expertise in a field while being compassionate and a strong leader. However, not every person who claims to be an expert is a thought leader. The concept, which is often used by anyone who claims to be an expert in the field, has a deep meaning.

In today's episode of The Brand Called You, we have Dr. Abraham Khoureis, who hosts a podcast on leadership and politics. He is also an organiser of a virtual global thought leader symposium. The award-winning mentor has top 1 % engagement on LinkedIn. He has contributed to founding several businesses. Dr. Abraham is also an advocate of disability rights.

He talks about his podcast, which he started with a vision to enlighten others and bring forth new ideas related to numerous fields. He talks at great length about the meaning of thought leaders, whom he invites for his podcast sessions.

Dr. Abraham outlines the key aspects of a successful podcast. He talks about the importance of providing a distinguishing element in your podcast to set it apart from thousands of others.

He is also a proactive disability rights advocate and talks about his work. He deals with providing them access to complete their education. Furthermore, he also advocates for their employment, access, assistive technologies.

Dr. Abraham also shares about the virtual global thought leader symposium. He has moderated two symposiums on “serving others” and “optimism”.

He ends the conversation by sharing the in-depth research of his upcoming book based on compassionate leadership.

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