how to delete your Commercial LEASE DEPOSIT - L I V E

I love Jeff... Let's set him FREE! Notice how subtle Danny is when it comes to scratching the Lease deposit. What the landlords call "skin in the game" he calls B()ii$hit. Every part of this intricate system Danny has devised happens in sequence. We don't ask for a zero deposit lease way back when we made the first cold call. That might have seen some doors slammed in our face. There's a psychology to every move we make. Asking for the lease deposit to be omitted is the last thing we do before we sign the lease. Why? Because the landlord has already made the conscious decision they YOU will be the next tenant.
NOW streaming - Every single mistake I made, YOU will benefit from. All of my student's successes, YOU will emulate. The countless conversations I have had with landlords, YOU will learn from. The hundreds of tiny nuances that make a brilliant cash business, YOU will ingest. The freedom of owning Laundromats will be YOURS.
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