How To Create, Sustain Stability In Your Org., Increase Profits - Catherine Brownlee & Alnoor Damji

Are you a #CEO or in #HumanResources and work within an organization that is struggling with:

1. Staff Retention
2. The negative impact of COVID-19 on your organization and its unknown future?
3. Stress out staff members?

We got you!

Catherine Brownlee (President and CEO, Catherine Brownlee Inc. (Connecting People Globally), brings over 30 years’ experience in Recruitment and Business Development strategies across all sectors. Ms. Brownlee has been recognized by her peers for her outstanding leadership with Women of Influence and a Paul Harris Award through the Rotary Club of Calgary.
ALNOOR DAMJI - Manager Of Client Experience, Flourishing Workplace - is a multiple award career strategist, and a certified Flourishing Life Coach.
"How To Create And Sustain Stability In Your Organization And Increase The

Key takeaways:
How to create and sustain staff retention
Create stability and predictability now and into the future of your organization
Create more harmony amongst and within the staff of your organization

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Flourishing Workplace™ was built around seven Pillars. Flourishing Workplace™ Playbook’s Pillar three speaks to a leader thriving in these 4 key leadership areas:
• SQ = Security – A leader growing in SECURITY, which leads to CONFIDENCE
• CQ = Character – A leader growing in CHARACTER, which leads to CREDIBILITY
• EQ = Emotional Intelligence – A leader growing in EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, which leads to CONNECTION
• SIQ = Social Intelligence – A leader growing in SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE, which leads to COMMUNITY

Flourishing Workplace™ talks about SIQ (Social Intelligence). When we tap into that and what it truly means, we can build a safe community around us to level up. It’s like the African Proverb, "If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together."

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