How to create a job search plan

Coming up on #CareerCarePackage this week, we're covering how to create a job search plan playing the #CardsAgainsInsanity planning card. So we're covering how to create a job search strategy and giving you some great job search tips. Why create a job search plan, we hear you ask?

Well, it's so easy to lose your mojo and momentum during your job search so having a plan and a guide can really help you maximise both your effort and enthusiasm. And of course your results.

Speaking of guides, we've got one of the most experienced outplacement, career coaching gurus in the business coming on the show.

Tracey Henderson has coached hundreds, if not thousands of people come out of the confusion of redundancy and step into clarity and action.

We'll be covering how to create a plan for yourself, just how many jobs should you apply for daily, and how to create the right mindset to set yourself in forward motion.

Tracey has a no-nonsense and practical approach and we're looking forward to all of her insights on Friday 26/11 - 12pm, Melbourne time.

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