How to Change Your Thoughts

Join career and leadership coach and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita for Live Office Hours and FREE Career Advice weekly on Thursdays! This week, learn how to change your thoughts. Not so easy, right? Well, if you know the formula, it becomes a heck of a lot easier and you'll be able to alter your thoughts on command!

0:00:00 Welcome & Intro on How to Change your Thoughts
0:04:53 Lasting change occurs externally
0:05:40 2 Common Types of External Items
0:07:05 External Item: Negative Activities, Tragedy
0:08:13 2 Most Prized Thoughts: Relationships & Confidence
0:09:27 Better Interactions w/Others
0:14:56 Formula: 1. Before: Remind, 2. During: Practice it, 3. After: Reflect
0:18:52 Confidence/Ability to Accomplish
0:19:28 Handle a Big Project
0:22:00 What Are the Right Success Metrics?
0:23:15 New @ Something?
0:26:59 Something goes Wrong
0:32:55 Recap
0:35:25 If I can't find contact info can I contact company via customer service email?
0:37:47 Stared AE job in January. Any strategy for a "stay" interview.
0:39:17 Had a offer just rescinded yesterday with no clear indication as to why. Any suggestions
0:40:48 Currently in retail, want to work in an area w/my experience. Use no job position letter
0:45:56 ​Is the market still WIDE OPEN? I've gotten NOs from a couple of 2nd interviews
0:47:28 When BH, what's best approach to connect via LinkedIn, and send resume
0:52:03 Thoughts about leaving past employer on LinkedIn vs putting actual month you left?
0:55:30 I need 2 references. What can I do to ask my company for a reference check?
0:58:36 App'd for several jobs; then made changes to resume. How to proceed?
1:02:20 Interested in a company + role I want to join in 2+ yrs. How to maximize my chances
1:05:20 Recruiter contact in the jd, should I call them even if i don't have it at the moment.
1:06:22 Better to find the hiring mgr and to send them a massage with CV or to apply via ATS?
1:10:36 Worked toward promotion for 3 yrs. Salary feels like a demotion. Where to go from here?
1:13:08 Any example of this approach as it relates to navigating the bootcamp? Feeling stuck...
1:24:22 Any idea how much should I expect/negotiate for relocation package moving to Mexico?
1:31:00 Final interview, better position. Old co, recent investment by PE, thoughts?
1:36:00 Found opp, good idea to contact recruiter listed on their LinkedIn site internal contact?

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