How to Build an Employee Transfer Management Tool Using NodeJS, React, & Redis

Find out how to build an app for managing internal employee transfers using Redis, React, and NodeJS. Check out the app on Redis Launchpad → https://launchpad.redis.com/?id=project%3ARediTeam

Typically, most IT companies have policies for internal transfers. For most companies, it’s essential to retain employees and allow them for internal transfer— especially in tech companies where attrition is high. This project solves the inefficiencies around internal transfers within a company.

View this app and other apps built on Redis at https://launchpad.redis.com

Technology Stack:
- Node.js
- Express
- ReactJS
- Material UI

Redis Modules used:
- RediSearch
- RedisGraph

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Redis Launchpad: https://launchpad.redis.com/?id=project%3ARediTeam
Project Source Code: https://github.com/redis-developer/RediTeam
Get Started with Redis: https://developer.redis.com
RedisGraph: https://developer.redis.com/howtos/redisgraph
RediSearch: https://developer.redis.com/howtos/redisearch

Join our discord server → https://discord.gg/redis
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