How to Build a Successful Career in the Pharma of Tomorrow [Megann Löffler]

In this podcast, Yan Kugel and our guest Megann Löffler talk about the new trends in the pharmaceutical industry, what you need to know about the market and what the companies are looking for. Her experience in the recruitment field enables her to give valuable insights that will potentially help you to build a successful career in the future.

Who Is Megan Löffler?

With an educational background in engineering coupled with an HR degree, Megann is currently working as a Talent Acquisition Manager with big pharmaceutical companies. She has been working as a recruiter for 6 years, specializing in Pharma since the very start of her career. She is now building up her team within headcount and embracing management responsibilities and technical operations positions.

Watching to the Podcast, You Will Learn About:

● Innovations in the Pharmaceutical Industry

● Effect of New Developments on Recruiting Process

● Challenges for the New People in the Industry

● What Are Pharmaceutical Companies Looking for?
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