How to Build $40MM Roofing Brand: Monarch Roofing | Martin Pettigrew

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How to Build $40MM Roofing Brand: Monarch Roofing | Martin Pettigrew
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00:00 Intro
00:32 Martin's immigrant story
03:15 Story behind Monarch Roofing
06:00 You can't get away with bad reviews
08:30 First year in business
11:18 Why is the office so locked up?
12:15 Attention to detail and punctuality
16:30 How many employees do you have?
26:05 Naming is crucial
27:30 Is the customer always right?
30:20 If you had to start over, would you?
38:58 Salaries
47:20 Does a perfect sized business exist?
53:50 How important are shingles to roofing businesses?
1:01:05 Most important number
1:11:25 Advice to the homeowner
1:14:25 Annual Sales
1:14:40 Hail market/insurance work
1:26:58 Advice to owners

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