How to boost HR effectiveness with show host Jason Mudd and guest Molly Eyerman

Our episode guest is Molly Eyerman, founder and CEO of VIVO Growth Partners. Molly is an HR expert who helps companies recruit, manage, and retain top talent.

Five things you’ll learn from this episode:

1. The hidden implications of counteroffers
2. The most common reasons that people leave their jobs
3. The benefits of having a performance-based job culture
4. Why discussing compensation on a peer-to-peer level prevents bias
5. The current trends in benefit programs


“Ask your people what they want because that makes them feel valued and feel that they have a voice in making a decision about what they get.”— @MollyEyerman
“All of the different changes throughout the pandemic have made people realize even more so that they don’t have to stay in a job they don’t love.” — @MollyEyerman
“Reward people appropriately as they’re showing excellent performance and on a regular basis because if you give someone a huge raise just to match a counteroffer so they don’t leave, what you’re really saying is ‘I haven’t valued you for the last x number of months or years.’”— @MollyEyerman
“We all see the metrics and the data around how much more certain demographics make than others, so I do think having more transparency is a helpful thing.” — @MollyEyerman

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About Molly Eyerman

Our episode guest is Molly Eyerman, founder and CEO of VIVO Growth Partners. Molly helps companies develop their most valuable assets – their people. She assists with recruiting and retaining top talent. Molly uses her HR expertise to advise companies on how to navigate challenges while improving employee engagement and benefiting all parties involved. She has experience working with clients in numerous industries ranging from technology and real estate to nonprofit and financial services.

Guest’s contact info and resources:

Molly Eyerman on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mollyeyerman
Molly Eyerman on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mollyeyerman/
VIVO Growth Partner's website: https://vivogrowth.com/

Additional Resources:

APR's tips on retaining your talent : https://www.axiapr.com/blog/corporate-comms-pr-and-marketing-employee-turnover-and-staffing-is-hurting-brands

Episode recorded: Oct 28, 2021

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About your host, Jason Mudd

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