How to Boost Employees Motivation and Attention | Best Tips for Worker Motivation | Movies Mindset

According to the Fredrick Taylor's, employers have tried many different ways to improve employee performance, boost morale and motivate workers ever since the industrial revolution. Every company has a different way of doing business. Some businesses try to keep friendly, team based atmosphere while others try to get their employees to work hard by making them compete with each other. To inspire and motivate your co-workers, you need more than an annual review or a few words in their file. It is fun and worthwhile challenge. It takes time to improve your employee's motivation and performance, just like to takes time to get in shape or learn new language. Here are some ways you can improve the performance and motivation of your staff.
✔ Set Clear Expectations
✔ Give reliable and regular employee evaluations
✔ Correct privately and recognize publicly
✔ Value and trust your employees
✔ Let employees know their targets

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