How to become Analyst? | 5 Types of Analyst Job for freshers | Analyst meaning

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In this video, we are going to talk about the analyst job. An analyst is one of the most promising fresher jobs to start your career. We will help you understand analyst meaning and analyst roles and responsibilities in the job.

00:00 - 5 types of Analyst Job
01:21 - Analyst meaning in hindi
03:15 - Analyst Skills
04:55 - Analyst Business
07:19 - Analyst Finance
09:17 - Analyst Marketing
11:01 - Analyst Data
12:43 - Other Analyst roles

There are different types of analyst job roles available in the market. Some of the are analyst data,
analyst business, analyst finance, it analyst, QA analyst, and much more. We will also talk about the analyst job description for all the analyst roles mentioned above.

Analyst job is good for freshers of all backgrounds. An analyst is good mba fresher jobs as well as BE fresher jobs. If you are looking for it fresher job, the analyst job can be a great way to start your career.

Iss video k baad aap apney dosto ko explain kar paayengey ki analyst kya hota hai.


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