How to Become a Millionaire With Real Estate Investing For Newbies

Learn how you can become a millionaire with real estate investing, even starting with a small amount of money. In this video, Coach Carson shows you how to do it using simple examples that are easy to understand and apply.

- How to Double Your Money in a High Priced Housing Market

- How to Buy Your First Rental With LITTLE or NO Money Down

- The SECRET to Investing with a 9 to 5

- The Real Numbers ($$$) Behind Getting Started in RENTAL PROPERTIES

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0:00 - 3 ways to make money
3:35 - Cashflow
4:54 - Loan paydown
5:54 - Appreciation
7:07 - Adding it all together
7:56 - Compounding over time
10:35 - Total after 10 years
11:40 - Objections & concerns
15:21 - Small & Mighty Investor


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