How to apply for jobs in Germany | Best Websites for Job Search #shorts

How to apply for jobs in Germany is a very common question that I get from Indians. The Job Search and Application Process for Indian can be a little troublesome if you don't have any idea about where to start the Job Search.

I decided to make a quick and crisp video on Job Search Process in Germany from India. As you all know, I am an Indian Expat living in Germany and is currently here on Employment Visa.

How to find a Job in Germany is one of the most requested videos from my subscribers.

Here's a list of 10 Types of Visa that you can apply to stay in Germany

and here's the list of Job Portals. Don't forget to bookmark.

I am Eri and I am an Indian Expat living in Germany. I make informative videos and vlogs related to the Life of Indians in Germany in Hindi.

मेरा नाम है ऐरी और आप देख रहे हैं, "ऐरी in जर्मनी"

A major section of my channel includes:
o Life in Germany & Living in Germany | जर्मनी में जीवन और रहना
o Study in Germany | जर्मनी में पढाई
o Moving to Germany| जर्मनी में बसना
o Work in Germany | जर्मनी में काम

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