How the Oracle APEX Actions Interface Makes Apps Better

Learn how to make your Oracle APEX applications better – less buttons, less screens, less replication of code and, in summary, cleaner and easier to use! Join us as we look at how the JavaScript actions interface can help define a repository of tasks to be invoked throughout the application. Free your users from having to click on everything by creating shortcuts through the actions interface!
Download the Sample App used in this Tutorial - LINK COMING SOON

Contents of this video:
00:00 - Introduction to How the Oracle APEX Actions Interface Makes Apps Better
02:00 - What Is An Action?
04:03 - Adding Actions to a Page
07:48 - Invoke an Action!
09:52 - Map an Action to the UI / Map to a Button
14:24 - Map an Action to Checkbox
18:13 - Map an Action to Select
27:42 - Declarative Mapping
28:25 - Respond to User Interaction
29:23 - Coupling Components
30:09 - Using Built-In Menus
41:03 - Enforce Security
41:22 - Add Shortcuts for Actions
43:43 - Display Feedback to User
49:03 - Summary - What did we Learn

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