how tf u get so skinny

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hey luv, my name is tete n i make subs for me n my frens

r u ready for ur audio procedure?



burn 20 000 calories a day, constantly lose weight, eat as much as u want and still lose weight, always be the skinniest person in the room, ppl keep asking u how u got so thin, weigh less than a feather, lose weight every time u eat, lose weight every time u breathe, lose weight every millisecond, have absolutely no waist, be unable to locate ur waist, waist line thinner than a bobby pin

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what is dis vid ?

hi there :p i'm the creator of some super cool audios that are like magic for your mind. these audios are packed with affirmations (like "i am rich") that are hidden under some soothing rain sounds. the best part is, they're played at a volume that's just too low for your conscious mind to hear, which means they go straight to your subconscious mind like a ninja. people who are into the law of attraction or law of assumption love using these audios as a way to reprogram their subconscious n manifest their desires. give them a try and see what amazing things start happening in your life
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