How sundar Pichai become highest paid employee in the world.

Sundar Pichai earned a whopping $281 million in 2019 as CEO of Alphabet, the holding company of
Google. This makes him the highest-paid nonfounder executive in the world. Sundar didn't start with high-level connections, loads of money, or a powerful background. Sundar was born in a regular middle-class household in Chennai, India. One factor that was going for him was his high intellect which allowed him to earn a spot at the Indian Institute of Technology followed by Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania. After his education, Sundar joined Google on April 1st, 2004, and he was put in charge of Google Search Toolbar development. He would eventually play a pivotal role in the development of Google Chrome, Google Drive, Chrome OS, and even Android. His significant contributions eventually paid off allowing him to become the CEO of Google and eventually Alphabet. This video explains the story of Sundar Pichai and how Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google/Alphabet.

0:00 - Sundar Pichai
0:49 - Road to google
3:11 - Google search toolbar
4:12 - Google Chrome
7:11 - Google Drive
8:17 - Chrome OS
9:22 - Road to CEO
11:35 - Lessons from Sundar

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