How resistance is formed & how to avoid resistance breakout failed?

Resistance breakout has always been the technique that is used by many traders to time their entry. However, it is often disappointing when the resistance breakout failed and result in a losses.

By understanding how resistance is formed, it will help you to identify resistance breakout failed before hand. Also helps you to understand how big boys operates in the stock market by creating price movement that signal entry in technical analysis.

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Malaysia stock market is a unique market, hence it require a customized trading approach to tackle & swerve. Many existing traders in Malaysia applies a plug-and-play strategy from overseas stock market, but it is not necessarily the best strategy to trade in KLSE. This is due to the difference in local and overseas stock market regulation, as well as the size of market participants of institutional fund & retail investors.

“True traders react to the market.” is the backbone of our trading method. Our findings and strategies are develop through years of trading experience and observance of the operating style in Malaysia stock market.

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