How QuickBooks Hinders Your Performance Management Process

Learn more about NetSuite’s SuitePeople performance management capabilities: https://bit.ly/3aqK5ZG

Employee performance directly impacts business performance. Thus, having a system to track performance management is essential to your business’s success. And you can’t get that with QuickBooks. Instead, QuickBooks requires you to use a third-party performance management application or track performance manually. This prohibits you from easily setting and monitoring employee goals, identifying low performers and building the workforce you need to meet your business objectives. On the other hand, NetSuite’s native HR solution, SuitePeople, comes complete with performance management functionality that allows you to easily monitor and measure your employees’ goals on a real-time basis. Since it’s integrated with the rest of the suite, employee performance metrics are automatically updated with operational data like deals closed or project percentage completed. This removes the manual and mundane processes that often come with performance management and reviews and allows your employees to seamlessly track their success. Not to mention, it opens the door for more frequent conversations between managers and employees to address problems quickly and, thus, improve performance for both the employee and your business.

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