How much does it cost to apply for a family green card?


00:08- When applying for a family based petition (F-1 category), what's the cost for the Green Card? And does the money have to be paid before leaving Jamaica?

01:12- When do you add a derivative to a family based petition? (2-month-old, 2-year-old and 4-year-old) Does it affect the processing time and cause you to be waiting longer when they are added? Priority date: Nov 27, 2017.

01:36- My daughter has an interview this month at the Jamaican embassy. She is 9-years-old. What might they ask and what happens after the interview?

02:08- I was denied a H-2B extension. My agency had us working for 90 days, we did not know we were denied until we were asked to stop working and our tickets were booked and we went back to our home country.

02:43- I saw USCIS announced a new plan to reduce backlogs. Will their new expedite process help Caribbean cases that are stuck with the NVC awaiting interviews go any faster?

03:37- My friend came to the US with A-2 Visa and overstayed by 4 months because her dad and mum were killed by a community gang because they took sides with the government. Can she seek an asylum?

04:06- I came on a visiting visa 8 years ago. I got married 1 year ago and now my husband is a Green Card holder. Can he start my paper work yet?

04:19-If you have a court case in 2023 and you got a I-551 stamp in your passport, can you still travel outside of the country?

04:41- I am a US citizen. My son is 33 years old, and married 7 months to his baby’s mother. They have a child together but she decided to not continue with the relationship. Can I file for him?

04:59- My wife and I had an interview for I-485 & I-130 on March 31 2022.

05:21- If an I-130 is approved, is the petitioner able to get a Drivers license or does the person have to wait for the adjustment? Can you tell me briefly the steps to get one?

05:44- US citizen applied for my brother in 2010, no correspondence from NVC. What should I do?

05:53- Based on the news today about waiving Interviews for I-751 do you think it will make the processing faster?

06:39- My I-485 interview is next week at Albany NY. Any idea about that office? Been together 11 years, two kids ages 7 and 9, no criminal record.

06:52-I wanted to know if I could apply for my husband's citizenship with I-130, I-485 without a lawyer? Can I just start the application and send it in on my own?
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