How Long After Your 10 Year Green Card Can You Apply For Citizenship?

00:06- How Long After Your 10 Year Green Card Can You Apply For Citizenship?
00:21- I have my H-1B stamp with my prior employer which is valid until 2023. Now I changed my employer and I’m visiting my country with a new I-797. do I need to get a new stamping?
00:38- ​I’m in the F-1 category. If I overstay my visa and live here for 10 years, am I exempted from the provisional waiver?
00:54-​ I have already had my VAWA approved in 2021. I What’s happening with USCIS?

01:09-I want to adopt my nephew from Mexico. Tomorrow he is turning 14. I am applying for citizenship in a couple of months. What are the steps to bringing him to Los Angeles, CA?

01:33-​ I’m currently on my priority date (March 2016) in the F2B category and I’m currently waiting for an interview to be scheduled in Jamaica . Can you please give an update on the Jamaican embassy?

01:50-Can you use your work permit to apply for an ID card and driver’s license, and open a bank account, etc?

01:58-​ ​My husband came here and had a stroke, so I filed an extension in June of 2021. He did his fingerprints but is still waiting for an answer. I also filed another petition in November of 2021 and we’re still waiting. What can we do?

02:21-​ I petitioned for my 18-year-old adopted son in 2018. In 2020 I became a citizen and notified NVC, They said I have to wait. I have been waiting for 16 months. What can I do? He is in Jamaica.

02:55-​ ​ I did an adjustment in April in 2021 and got two years Employment Authorization Document in November and a SSN in January. Do you think I'll get an interview date soon?

03:13- ​Can an I-130 be approved if in 2007 a CBP officer denied my entry and canceled my tourist visa? I do actually live in the USA

03:38-​My husband is a permanent resident. He filed for me in 2019. We got approved in 2020. I’m awaiting my interview in Guyana. Can I have my interview relocated to the USA and also can I live with him while I wait?

04:01- I have a hypothetical question. Can you file for VAWA in the US and go and live in India? Or change a VAWA to consular processing at anytime?

04:22- I’m a 22 year old on F-1 student visa and am currently doing my OPT, which ends July of this year…my boyfriend who is a US born citizen wants us to get married so he can file for me......
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