How I got my internship at the Bank of Montreal (BMO)

In this video, I'll be giving my insight as to how I got my internship at the Bank of Montreal (BMO).

One of the largest problems students and new graduates face is having relevant work experience. Technology touches every aspect of our lives, making those with technical experience an in-demand asset. Every employer is looking for the best candidate who has created and honed their technical experience and usually its candidates who have a solid computational thinking foundation plus experience.

Internships are brief periods of time where students are trained for a skill that they can build their future careers on. Students get the opportunity to see how basic computer science theories and concepts can help people and communities grow...or fail depending on the level of consideration from the organization and leaders.

"A survey conducted in 2015-16 revealed that nearly 60% of students are unemployed after completing their engineering due to a lack of required skills and experience.

A study conducted by Wallaroo Media revealed that 65% of paid internships turned to full-time job offers and 39% of unpaid internships turned to full-time job opportunities. Interns are more likely to be hired as Full Time Employees."
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0:10 - Introduction
0:55 - Previous work experience
2:29 - Extracurriculars
4:02 - Hackathons
5:15 - Research assistant
6:28 - Conclusion

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