How I Approached my Job Search + Applying to Product Design Roles

If you watched my last video you know what I recently started a new product design role at Lunchbox. That video got more comments than any other video I've ever shared... So in today's video I'm going to talk about how I approached my most recent job search & application process and share some tips that can hopefully help you in your own journey. (Suited for beginner and mid-level designers.)

Career Update video:
How I got my First Product Design Job:
Cover Letter article:
My Portfolio:

00:00 Intro
02:13 Current Job Market & My Approach
03:58 Job Search: Where should I apply?
09:32 Application Process: Resume & Cover Letter
12:03 Application Process: Portfolio
13:31 Final Tips

By the way, I have a Skillshare class for Graphic Designers looking to get into UI/UX! Watch the trailer here:

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