How Fox News Conquered America

A dive into the long history of television news in America to understand what the conditions were that made Fox News’s emergence possible. We look at what Fox’s underlying social, cultural, and philosophical toolkit and formula looks like. What it’s predecessors were (TVN, Roger Ailes’ consultancy, Nixon’s adverts), Reagan’s rolling back of FCC regulation and the fairness doctrine, the stories that made Fox (Lewinsky Scandal, 9/11, Obama, The Tea Party, Trump), and their post-rational, postmodern methods. Finally, how we counter the O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson playbook.


0:00 - Fox News
03:39 - A History of TV News
11:50 - Constructing Nixon
22:09 - A Baby Fox & A King Maker
28:24 - Deregulating the Ideologues
37:06 - Fox News: Fair & Balanced
43:04 - 9/11: The Image of Terror & American Patriots
48:59 - Obama, Birther Movement, & The Fox Party
01:00:31 - Postmodern News
01:03:20 - The Fox News Formula
01:14:04 - A Wider Problem

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