How do you deal with Loss and Failure| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Damenada Juiboonmee

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Stay tuned for Friday afternoon as we continue with our Dhammapariyesanā series #55.

Please join host Bhante Dr. Chandima as he interviews Damenada Juiboonmee about overcoming fear and loss. We lose and fail many times in our lives in different ways. However, most of us become depressed when this occurs. In this interview, we will address how we may improve our insight into the underlying mentality that underpins these states of mind, as well as how to better comprehend and utilize them to become better human beings. While Buddhism is rooted in the pursuit of meaningful answers to frustration, anxiety, loss, and failure, it does not preclude us from living a peaceful life. In a peaceful life, we should be able to find more effective strategies to overcome loss and failure.

Damenada Juiboonmee is a teacher at Mathayomwatsing School, Bangkok. She holds an MA in Communicative English from Ramkhamhaeng University's Institute of International Studies in Thailand.

See you at 2.30 pm (Bangkok) (1.00 pm Colombo)

May you be well and happy!
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