How CSG doubled password health scores and reduced IT’s burden

When password reset requests became overwhelming for Community Services Group’s IT team, the nonprofit saw an opportunity to boost productivity and security at the same time. Learn how.

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A small organization that could be perceived as a good cybersecurity target, Community Services Group (CSG) takes security seriously. But password management was a challenge. While employees tried various tactics for secure password management, none proved successful.

When a phishing attempt spurred CSG into action, the organization wanted a password manager that would do more than bolster security. With hundreds of password reset requests coming in every month, the IT team needed a solution that would make password management effortless both for employees and the help desk.

In search for a user-friendly solution that offered single sign-on (SSO) and access level management, CSG evaluated several options. Dashlane stood out for its simplicity and comprehensive features, including SSO, dark web monitoring, and password health monitoring, as well as extensive customer support and onboarding resources.

After adopting Dashlane, CSG doubled password health across the organization, reduced password reset requests by 36%, and strategically improved security over time.

Dashlane is now an integral part of the employee onboarding process at CSG.

“As long as we introduce Dashlane on day one, we can introduce other platforms without worrying about access. The password process is just built in,” shares CSG Director of Communications Elspeth Moffatt.

Learn more about CSG’s strategy that makes security effortless and eliminates the stress of managing dozens of employee logins.

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