How Brian Went From Stuck At 0 & Sex-less To 10k/m & Abundance With Women By Changing His Identity

In today's interview we have one of our star clients Brian Choi!

Brian is a sales consultant for organizations that generate over 40k/m in revenue, and he helps them tighten up their sales processes by training their reps.

Before he joined us, Brian was in a completely different niche, and was no stranger to niche hopping. He was plagued with uncertainty, and this uncertainty reflected out in his revenue, where he was stuck at absolute 0 the 2 prior months before he took the leap and joined us in the Reality Mastery program.

Here's what we discuss:

- Brian's timeline of entrepreneurship & what made him decide to be an entrepreneur
- His experience working in the military
- The hustle culture and how it destroyed him
- Hitting that invisible barrier no matter how hard he worked
- Binge eating & escape; how Brian would cope with his feelings
- Niche jumping, uncertainty & staying still at 0; how Brian made the change
- Coordination: the gamechanger for Brian
- Being sexually frustrated, and how he changed that by shifting his identity
- The 10k month: how he approaches selling & business now from his new identity
- Travelling through Europe: why hard work wasn't the answer, but surrender was
- What's next for Brian

Make sure you check this interview out in full, it's the most fun I've had in a while conducting one of these, while informative at the same time!

Want results like Brian? Apply here: https://go.realitycreator.com/cym-survey?sl=yt-brian-interview

Here's Brian's socials:

Personal Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/brianchoiofficial/

Facebook group for free trainings on setting appointments: https://www.facebook.com/groups/settingmastery/
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