How an Assessment Tool Can Help You Grow Your Business; The BudgetEase Broadcast (Episode 17)

Using an assessment tool to evaluate current and future employees can help you grow your business in a variety of ways. In our case, we use the culture index--and we explain how to take advantage of this helpful tool in today's BudgetEase Broadcast episode (from 3/1/22).

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Hi! Welcome to the BudgetEase Broadcast! I'm Kathy. Hi, I'm Amber. And we're QuickBooks experts, and we're working really hard to make our bookkeeping business grow and we want to share some of the things that we've learned so that you can grow your business too! Yes absolutely! Today's topic is using an assessment tool to evaluate potential employees. We know it's so important to hire the right person and Culture Index helps us to do that. The Culture Index is an assessment tool--a survey--that only takes about five minutes to complete and really provide us with some great information that helps us to determine if we should even interview a candidate. And that will save us time, as well as the candidate. But how do we use it?
Yeah, we've been using it for maybe--I don't know--five, six years. And when it comes to reviewing a potential candidate, what we find is that are they detail-oriented or do they like to just--you know--just kind of finish the project but not totally make it finished? That doesn't work with bookkeeping. Another thing that they do is do they enjoy sitting in front of a computer screen all day or would they be unhappy there and would rather interact with people? As bookkeepers, we need to have people that really prefer to be working on their own. And another thing that we look at is do they--IĀ forgot what the last one was...

Oh! Will they follow instructions? Yes! So we don't want people that are just making things up as they go along. We want people to follow some sort of a program, so that that work is not done incorrectly. Yes, we also use the Culture Index during our annual review. It helps us understand how an employee may be adjusting to a new role, or maybe even to a workload. It helps us determine if an employee is thriving or might actually need some help. So ongoing then, knowing how to work with an individual on the team, the Culture Index tells us if they have a hard time finishing a project, need further instructions, and then that helps us know how we can help them be successful and that's what really matters to us. So another thing that I use the Culture Index for is to determine when I have a new role in the organization, who's going to be the best person to manage that role or possibly just a project. For example, right now I'm interested in adding a quality control manager.

Who do I have internally that has the right skills? Well because of a survey that I took in the Culture Index, I determined that we're looking for someone that's detail-oriented but also likes to interact with other people in order in order to accomplish things. So I'm on my way to finding a good quality control manager. Yes and Culture Index also gives us great information on how our current team likes to be interacted with. What types of projects they might be most interested in. And then doing this, they or whether or not they like figuring out things for themselves or do they need specific instructions. Right, so there's four things that we use the Culture Index for: For hiring, for annual reviews, for determining who's a good fit for a project or a new position, and also to determine how our team individuals and our team like to be interacted with so that we can help them feel good about the work that they're doing here. Absolutely. We hope you found this BudgetEase Broadcast helpful! Yeah ,we're here to make QuickBooks work for you and help you grow your business. Thank you! Bye! Bye!
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