How a blind guy got a license to carry firearms #shorts

You've seen me shoot at the range:
You heard the story of why I wanted my LTC:
Now, find out HOW I gotmy LTC
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Got Questions? I’ve got answers:

How do I respond to comments?
Watch this:

Why does it look like I’m making real eye contact and being expressive with my eyes?
Watch this:

Q: Why is Pete wearing sunglasses
Watch this:

How do I film in the studio?
Watch this:

How do I film when out in the world?
Watch this:

Why do I wear a watch if I’m blind?
Watch this:

How do I surf blind?
Watch this:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. The Blind Surfer channel is always happy to help spread awareness and information about blindness and how it affects tens of millions of people worldwide.
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