Holiday RomCom Screenplay Challenge & Cast Q&A | A Ticket to the World | POVS #91

Join us for this unique Vaudacity Network special event as Paulie attempts to write a feature-length romantic comedy in one week!

During the POVS Holiday Special on 12/23/21 around 11pm, Paulie and Craig used Google's random number generator to select 'winners' from a spreadsheet filled with audience suggestions to receive specific plot points and story details at random.Paulie then has essentially one week (Friday - Friday) to write a feature-length romantic comedy based on the random picks before it is performed in a live table reading on the Vaudacity Network at 7:00PM on January 1st, 2022.

Frank Romeo will narrate the screenplay a cast of Vaudacity actors will bring the script to life for the very first (and let's face it... quite possibly the only) time, ever! Don't miss it!
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