Hiring in 2023: Let's Workshop Your Employer Branding | Startup Boston Week 2022

The hiring landscape is shifting. What you were doing earlier this year needs to change as you go into 2023 - especially if you're looking to find and successfully recruit top-tier talent for your startup. During this follow-along workshop, Talent Works will take you through:

-How to hire the right talent - not just the talent who applies
-Expanding your network to include more diverse candidates
-Successfully raising your employer brand to be known to talent before you even need to hire them
-When and where to outsource in your talent strategy to fit your budget and timeline

This is an interactive session, so bring your notepad and come prepared with questions!

This event is a part of the People Ops and Founder Tracks during Startup Boston Week 2022. This session is perfect for recruiters and founders at early stage and growth stage startups.

The speakers for this session were:
Jody Robie - SVP N. America, Talent Works International
Janielle Newland - SVP, Human Resources, Viridian Therapeutics, Inc.


This event is part of Startup Boston Week 2022. Startup Boston Week is a community-driven, free conference on a mission to connect, educate, and celebrate the startup community. The events are crafted not just for founders, but also for startup employees, investors, mentors, students, job seekers, and startup curious folks.

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