Hiding Behind Victimisation and Blaming Instead Of Taking Responsibility

Narcissistic abuse is devastating, and it desecrates every level of your life – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.

It’s understandable to feel victimised and that the perpetrator of this abuse is to blame for what you’ve been through. I get that because I’ve been there too!

But to be brutally honest, that won’t get you anywhere. Rather, it will keep you stuck in a powerless and painful state for a long time.

Staying in victim mode only hurts you and focusing blame on others only keeps your focus off of yourself – the only person you can truly change.

In this wonderful Thriver community, we know there’s another way to approach this. We know there is a powerful stance we can take to move our lives forward and away from the Soul devastation the narcissist inflicted upon us.

Join me in today’s Thriver TV episode so I can share with you the path to recovery … the empowered way to leaving all this abuse behind you.

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