HELLBOUND Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Review And Season 2 Theories | NETFLIX

HELLBOUND Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Review And Season 2 Theories. We review, recap and explain Netflix's new Korean Horror show Hellbound. We talk about the ending and also give our review on the series as a whole.

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0:00 Hellbound Breakdown Intro
0:36 Hellbound Season 1 Themes And Analysis
3:17 Hellbound Recap
7:44 Hellbound Ending Explained Part 1
8:43 Hellbound Ending Explained Part 2
11:29 Hellbound Review

Ok so Hellbound is a fascinating short series that is laced with social commentary on cults, religious orders and big monsters.


Based on the webtoon of the same name the first season has just released on Netflix and throughout this video we're gonna be breaking down the story, twists and it's ending.

Person watching this, you are bound to be spoiled in the next 15 seconds so if you haven't had a chance to check it out then I highly recommend that you check out now. If you enjoy the video then please smash the thumbs up button an make sure you subscribe for more videos like this every day.

With that out the way thanks for clicking this, now let's get into Hellbound.

Ok so Hellbound is split up into two parts. It's very much a sort of Before Christ and After Death situation in which the former section deals with the creation of a new religion and it's leader spreading the message before dying at the end. The latter deals with the religions powers, how it's integrated into every facet of society and also the corruption within it.

At it's core though Hellbound's concept is pretty simple.

One day people witness a quote unquote angel that appears before them, states they are bound for hell and then says the exact time that they will die. Upon reaching this time, giant hulking black monsters will appear and brutally rip the person apart before burning them in a blinding glow.

No one really knows what they are and outside of them being completely unstoppable we learn very little about them. I've seen lots of theories on the monsters ranging from them being demons instructed by the devil to aliens to even being a curse, controlled by someone we're yet to encounter.

There's absolutely no escape and even people who end their own lives find their spirits pulled to hell the as was decreed.

The point of the show though is that we are very much like the characters in that we have absolutely no idea what's going on and it's all open to interpretation. To me this is very much a comment on religion as a whole and the world is full of people that take religious texts, interpret them their own way and say that these are the rules that must be followed.

Being raised a Christian I've watched how the religion has changed over the last 30 years when it comes to things like sexuality and even the pope within the last decade has come out and said that animals go to heaven even though there was a long period when they didn't.

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