Healthcare is my Second Highest Cost in Early Retirement

Health insurance may not be top of mind in early retirement when you're young and healthy, but it should be. In the US, healthcare costs are a significant line item in our budget. To help us decode what you need to know, we've invited a retirement benefits expert to answer our questions through the lens of those seeking financial independence and early retirement.
To protect against astronomical expenses resulting from unexpected medical issues, it's prudent to carry insurance. If you're retiring before 65 (when Medicare kicks in) you'll be responsible for covering those costs. What do you need to consider? What ARE the costs involved? What insurance shouldn't you purchase? Are there other options for coverage? What about long term care insurance? These are just a few of the topics we cover in this hour-long episode.

Our sincere thanks to Amy Manning for sharing her time, knowledge and expertise with us!

00:00 Healthcare is my second highest cost in early retirement
03:38 So many health insurance options. How to choose?
07:01 What are common misunderstandings about health insurance?
12:30 ACA ("Obamacare") and insurance options for early retirees
16:40 When might private health insurance make sense?
20:20 The cost of health insurance - premiums, deductions, and more
24:55 Where do HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) fit in?
29:53 Looking ahead - 65+ and things to consider
32:02 What is COBRA coverage and why you might consider it after RE?
35:50 Why an expert thinks you shouldn't buy Long Term Care insurance
41:53 Healthcare sharing ministries: be careful + do your homework
43:54 What options exist for insurance for long term + frequent travelers?
47:41 Opportunities for healthcare cost savings
50:01 Cost + coverage considerations for prescription drug coverage
53:50 Should I consider dental or vision insurance in early retirement?

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