Healthcare is fixed! Dave Chase and Al Lewis discuss how to replicate the fixes | Quizzify

Healthcare is already fixed. On this webinar our special guest, Dave Chase, the Creator of the Health Rosetta, teaches audiences how they replicate the fixes.

The Health Rosetta accelerates the adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system, helping public & private employers and unions provide better care for employees while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%.

Providing employees with better healthcare at a lower cost is amazing, but it doesn’t stop there.

Employers who adopted Health Rosetta Principles have been able to offer sustainable support to local communities. In effect a Health Equity dividend. Using a small portion of the savings achieved with Health Rosetta Principles, an employer made long-term commitments to children and education in underserved communities.

Dave Chase and Al Lewis discussed:

The components of Health Rosetta plans that are saving employers money without cost-shifting to employees.
Price discrepancies in our opaque medical marketplace and how an employer can educate employees about tests and procedures and get a fair price if they need one.
Case studies of sustainable benefits to underserved communities.
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