Healthcare Employee Performance Evaluations

So you have a few staff members, some nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and medical assistants, and want to get your Human Resources practices more efficient. Great! One important and often overlooked area is annual performance evaluations. But don't be one of those healthcare organizations that always puts these off to last minute, as these documents can be extremely helpful for providing honest feedback, appreciation for hard work, protect the organization and more.

Performance evaluations and write ups often prove extremely helpful in situations where employees have to be let go. It can also help you bring poor performing staff back in line, with follow-up meetings, assessing improvement. These reviews can provide feedback, focused areas to work on, provide praise, reinforcement, and accountability to your team. This is often better than only doing write ups for negative behaviors. As the review allows you to notice a more balanced viewpoint, allowing you to provide positive reinforcement, and appreciation for the areas that are doing well.

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